• Experienced specialist accountants for freelance contractors & self-employed consultants
    • High quality fixed fee solutions designed to reduce taxes, stress, paperwork and time involved
    • Combining personal service & specialist advice, with hassle-free online access
    • Limited company and umbrella services - easy to switch or set up
    • Advising contractors for 20 years - ACA and ACCA qualified accountants
    • Dedicated account managers
    • Unlimited advice & support
    • Guaranteed response times
    • Quick and easy tax-efficient set up
    • All inclusive fixed fee and no commitments - £79pm covers everything you need
    • Simply input time and expenses online - no spreadsheets, emails or paperwork
    • We take care of everything else and keep you safe
    • View your take home and tax position in real time, 24/7 - no delays
    • Proactive tax and IR35 advice
    • Company formation and insurance
    • Total peace of mind

The Complete Contractor Package

  • Specialist accountants, advising contractors & freelancers for 20 years. ACA and ACCA accredited accountants
  • Great service: same day response, guaranteed turnaround times & always speak to a named person who knows your account for unlimited support & guidance
  • Streamlined, time-saving processes: you simply input time & expenses & raise invoices (once a month or as often as you like), that’s it
  • We take care of everything else: accounts, all personal & business tax returns, VAT, payroll/PAYE, dividends, annual returns, HMRC correspondence, reconciling your bank account & monitoring your finances for risks and opportunities
  • Great online portal: designed for contractors, view your current dividend, expense and tax position in real time, 24/7, from wherever you want – no waiting for your records to be processed, no spreadsheets or emails, everything in one secure place
  • Great advice: tax-efficient set-up, continuous proactive tax advice & 100% IR35 record ... We keep you safe and taking home as much as possible
  • Company formation, insurance cover & bank account set up
  • Total peace of mind: automated reminders & tax planning, never miss a deadline or an opportunity
  • Quick and easy set up, all inclusive fixed fee only £79pm and no commitment

Our Service

We are a team of accountants and client service professionals who provide genuinely personal service to help freelance consultants in the UK manage their income and taxes. Our clients are mainly limited company contractors, but we also have an umbrella payroll service and a management consultancy for more unusual scenarios.

We provide a high-quality, specialist and personal service to UK contractors and freelancers. We combine clear, expert advice and great customer service, seamlessly with the simplicity, control and peace of mind delivered by our market-leading, bespoke online portal. A complete, specialist accounting and tax solution, with simple, modern communication tools and an all-inclusive fixed fee. Comprehensive expert tax advice, personal service, a full range of support activities and market-leading technology all add up to the truly complete contractor accountancy package, from only £79 pm.


We’re passionate about delivering on our promise, making your life easier, building trust and instilling confidence. We offer guaranteed response times and you’ll always have access to someone who knows your account, when you need it. We’ll explain things clearly, in advance, and set everything up to run in a streamlined, hassle-free way.


Our specialist contractor-focused advice ensures you keep as much of your hard-earned cash as possible and never pay more tax than you need to. We’ll set up your business and remuneration structure in the most tax-efficient way possible and proactively advise you on an on-going basis, in response to changes in circumstances or HMRC rules. For example, we’ll make sure we plan in advance for any higher tax thresholds and that you don’t miss out on any expense claims, flat rate VAT, or income splitting opportunities. And we can advise on IR35. More money for you.


Our bespoke contractor portal is quick and easy to use and gives you a 24/7 ‘real-time’ view of pay, expenses, dividends and tax liabilities and generates all the information required to keep HMRC happy. Everything’s organised in one secure place - no paperwork and no spreadsheets. Raise invoices and claim expenses via the portal – that’s it, we’ll take care of everything else, monitor your account and ensure you’re compliant, whether with HMRC, VAT, PAYE or Companies House. We’ll remove the admin burden of running a company. Simple – more time for you to do what you do best.


Guaranteed turnaround times, workflow tracking, automated reminders, specialist pro-active tax planning and a fixed fee mean you can relax, knowing everything is taken care of. Key dates and amounts are explained well in advance. No worries about filing returns or dealing with the taxman. Never miss a deadline or pay a fine. Zero stress.


  • Tax efficient set up
  • Company formation
  • All registrations handled
  • Bank account & insurance


  • Easy to use
  • Enter time & expenses
  • Raise invoices
  • Securely stored


  • Accounts & co returns
  • All tax & VAT returns
  • Payroll/PAYE/Dividends
  • Monitoring for risks


  • 24/7 real time
  • Dividends & expenses available
  • Tax due
  • Instantly updated


  • Everything taken care of
  • Unlimited support & advice
  • Guaranteed turnaround
  • Deadlines met, tax minimised

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