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Budget 2015 July - Summary

Along with the expected political rhetoric, there was a mixed bag of announcements in yesterday’s budget, many of which are particularly relevant for small businesses and freelance contractors

Budget 2015 Summary

With the possible exception of measures for savers, it’s fair to say the budget was a relatively uneventful one and was broadly fiscally neutral, with little in the way of pre-election giveaways.

Budget 2015 & Employment Status Review

Next Wednesday, George Osborne will stand up and make the last budget speech of this parliament. The proximity of the budget to the general election makes it far harder to predict

Watch out for Capital Gains Tax

As a business owner, you may well choose to plan for the future by investing some of your profits in other assets.

Make-up of a Freelance Contractor

In January 2014 there were estimated to be 4.36m freelance contractors in the UK, growth of 18% since 2008

Big Brother is Watching

HMRC has been clamping down on unpaid tax, on the back of government initiatives to reduce the deficit and a wave of anti-tax avoidance public opinion.

Contractor Round-Up and IR35 Tips

Not an awful lot has been heard since the much-vaunted House of Lords review, earlier this year, of the tax regime surrounding the self-employed and freelance community in the UK

UK Economic Growth Strong

Economic growth in the UK has recently been revised up to 0.9% for the second quarter of 2014, by the Office for National Statistics, with year-on-year growth standing at 3.2%.

Advice for buy-to-let landlords

HMRC is increasing its clamp-down on what it believes is the many thousands of landlords that do not correctly declare or account for their rental income for tax purposes.