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Things That Set Us Apart - No 2. FREE Fee Protection Insurance

At Orange & Gold we aim to provide as near total peace of mind about tax and accounting affairs as we can to our valued clients. With HMRC having become more adversarial over the last ten years and now with greater powers to penalise taxpayers for errors and omissions we believe it is critical for our clients to be in a position to afford to defend themselves.

So we provide to all our accountancy clients insurance cover of up to £75,000 to cover the costs of additional legal, tax and accountancy support in the event of enquiry or investigation, including IR35 investigation.

We believe this a high value added service. To put this into context we have taken over a client from another accountancy provider in 2009 who is currently into the third year of an IR35 investigation with no insurance cover and ongoing support costs running into thousands of pounds.

Our policy is administered through AbbeyTax Protection and cover provided by Brit Insurance Ltd, for your peace of mind. Oh, and we still have not lost an IR35 dispute.

If you would like more information please call us on 0845 272 4009.