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Feedback to our client satisfaction survey

Thank you to all those who completed the Survey just before Christmas. I will face up to the fact that we seem to have one client who hates us. If it is you please contact me directly and we'll resolve your concerns.

Otherwise, I am delighted to report that 100% of clients find responses to queries 'always' or 'usually' dealt with quickly and thoroughly and are 'easy to understand'. I have reported back to the Team, with pleasure, that staff are universally considered 'helpful', 'knowledgeable' and 'ensure that queries are dealt with satisfactorily'. These responses reflect the dedication and hard work of the staff we have at O&G.

In terms of client perception on the different parts of our service and their respective importance, again the Support Team came out as critical, as did regular pay calculations. Roadshows came out very low as a factor. Overall, it was the regular day to day aspects of the service that were regarded as most important and I think that we have an excellent record in maintaining standards in this area, over a long time.

A number of respondents were not aware that we offer complimentary services such as tax planning pre-year end, or that fee protection insurance is included as part of the O&G fee.