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HMRC 'Dash for Cash'

Orange & amp;Gold understands that HMRC inspectors are being tasked to bring in as much money as possible, as quickly as possible, which is not really surprising given the current economic environment.  We understand there will be pressure to settle long running full enquiry cases and Inspectors will be encouraged to take up aspect cases which are likely to be settled more quickly to optimise the tax yield in the current fiscal year.

We have also heard that HMRC will be going back to ‘single’ case working as the new ‘Cross Tax’ enquiry framework is not working as they envisaged and is slowing up the enquiry process so it is likely that they will be reverting back to ‘where we were’!

Finally, insurers are receiving twice as many claims in now than they did this time last year, confirming that HMRC are ‘on the move’ again and we are expecting that enquiry levels will continue to increase over the coming months.