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Brand UK flying high

Last year's London Olympics and Queen's Diamond Jubilee has helped to push Great Britain's brand value one place up the rankings to 4th in the world, according to a report yesterday by a brand consultancy. The 2012 list of 'nation brands' has the UK moving ahead of Japan in 5th, with a brand value of $2.4bn or roughly £1.46bn, an 8% increase on last year, apparently a pretty strong performance for a developed EU country.
The US tops the list, with a value of $18bn, more than the combined value of the second to sixth placed countries put together - China ($6bn), Germany, the UK, Japan and France.
Rankings are calculated on factors including a country’s ability to attract foreign talent, perceived quality of life and projected GDP growth and a nation's brand is considered important in terms of being able to attract foreign investment for example.

However, all of the country's brand values are dwarfed in comparison to the $185bn value of the Apple brand, the world's most valuable brand, or these selected others from the top 10: Google at $114bn, IBM $113bn, McDonalds $90bn, Coca Cola $78bn, Microsoft $70bn, and even Marlboro at $69bn.