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Contractor Round-Up and IR35 Tips

Not an awful lot has been heard since the much-vaunted House of Lords review, earlier this year, of the tax regime surrounding the self-employed and freelance community in the UK

Reduce the risk of an IR35 issue

HMRC's recent updated and 'clarified' advice on IR35, Abbey Tax, a leading authority on IR35 cases, has also provided some key tips for contractors.

IR35 / PSC Personal Service Company Round Up

"Onshore employment intermediaries: false employment legislation" HMRC has clarified that "the legislation will not apply to personal service companies".

HMRC update

HMRC has recently disclosed in a statement on its website that it collected a yield of £1.1m in relation to IR35 enquiries that were closed in 2012/13

What is IR35?

The ‘IR35’ (or ‘Intermediaries Legislation’) was put in place by HMRC to seek to distinguish between genuinely self-employed workers, ‘in business on their own account’ and ‘disguised employees’

IR35 business entity tests flawed

The business entity tests introduced in 2012 are so flawed that in a recent survey 81% of contractors were deemed to be high or medium risk.