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EU moves to ease small business accounting burden

An opt-out allowing European Union (EU) small businesses turning over less than €1m (£865,000) per year to stop filing annual accounts has been proposed by the European Parliament’s legal affairs committee.

On-line VAT and PAYE Processing

Based on past experience we anticipate early pain, followed by mid-term irritation leading eventually to long term benefit.

Things That Set Us Apart - No 2. FREE Fee Protection Insurance

We provide to all our accountancy clients FREE insurance cover of up to £75,000 to cover the costs of additional legal, tax and accountancy support in the event of enquiry or investigation, including IR35 investigation.

Feedback to our client satisfaction survey

Overall, it was the regular day to day aspects of the service that were regarded as most important and I think that we have an excellent record in maintaining standards in this area, over a long time.

Pre-Budget Report 2009

Highlights affecting contractors from the Pre-Budget Report 2009

VAT Back Up To 17.5%

There are three important changes to the VAT system kicking in from 1st January 2010.