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Budget 2014 - Business As Usual for Contractors?

The Chancellor hailed his, pretty political, budget as being for 'savers, makers and doers' which could equally have been translated as for savers and businesses, notably manufacturers and those wishing to export.

UK Economy back to pre-recession levels by the summer

The British Chambers of Commerce has recognised the gathering pace of the recovery by stating that it believes UK PLC will be back to pre-2008 levels by the summer of this year.

One Direction get involved in budget lobbying

The band One Direction are taking part in a scheme to encourage fans to lobby the Chancellor on issues such as maintaining the UK's international development budget and cracking down on corporate tax avoidance.

Budget Changes

The budget will be presented by the Chancellor on Wednesday 19th March and the new tax year begins on 6 April. There are a few things the we already know will change from April..

Contracting Round Up

Recruitment agencies and contractor bodies continues to suggest that self-employment will remain a growing force in the UK labour market

Mortgage Advice for Contractors and the Self-Employed

One of the concerns people have when they first become self-employed or take the plunge to working on a contract basis, is how it will affect their chances of getting or renewing a mortgage.