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HMRC Webinars

HMRC is offering a series of live, one hour webinars on 7 December aimed at individuals who have started their own enterprise or are about to.

What is IR35?

The ‘IR35’ (or ‘Intermediaries Legislation’) was put in place by HMRC to seek to distinguish between genuinely self-employed workers, ‘in business on their own account’ and ‘disguised employees’

Tax planning options to be reduced?

Suggestion that two legitimate tax planning initiatives widely used by contractors could be the subject of restrictions or cut backs.

IT contractor pay increases fueled by demand

Pay rates for contractors, across six areas of IT work, have increased by between 7.6% and 12.5%, compared with last year, according to a report by Computer People.

Limited company versus umbrella

When contracting a key decision is whether to operate through a limited company or an umbrella arrangement.

Government urged to help plug digital skills gaps…

Temporary labour market and the IT contracting sector, the government was told (by Hays) last week that it should “promote and endorse” the use of skilled contractors in IT and other industries where the UK is experiencing a skills shortage, to help tackle what it claimed was one of the worst talent deficits in Europe