Limited Company Services

Services that mean you get a good night's sleep

Whether you are considering contracting for the first time, or you are an experienced freelance contractor, whether you are considering using a limited company or an umbrella service, Orange & Gold has a service package to suit you. We are keen that our client's experience of running their business affairs is as positive as possible by taking as much of the administrative burden off their hands and ensuring transparency so that there is always total peace of mind.

We use great tools like contact logs for every single contact we have with you, messaging on your portal so that you can see your tax liabilities and funds available at all times; and we have great staff so you can build up your comfort that you are in safe hands whether you last spoke to us yesterday or three months ago. You will sleep well at night.

Limited company services

Choose from our three CORE contractor accounting services. Depending on how much or little time you would like to spend administering your own company, there is a solution to fit. All three service packages benefit from unlimited access to our expert Support Team and the secure on-line portal. We can hold your hand all the way through.

Umbrella services

If you are not planning on contracting long-term, your rate is less than £20 per hour or your don't want the responsibility of running your own business then Orange & Gold can offer an umbrella service. The Orange & Gold umbrella company acts as an employer to agency contractors who work under a fixed term contract assignment. This is a simple way for contractors to receive salary payments with no need to set up your own limited company.