Four great Limited Company service packages

We cater for all levels of business support required by clients. Our Core package is a fully comprehensive range of support, providing everything you need to run a limited company, simply, easily and with great service and response times.

Our Premier package is suitable for those clients who have no time for invoicing or claiming expenses, or for those with multiple workers operating through their company, or for those with foreign transactions and overseas VAT. We can tailor a support package around your specific needs. The package also includes free company incorporation, tax investigation insurance and additional tax returns (for example, for a second director or spouse).

Specially selected contractor insurance cover can be included in either package, along with 3 free IR35 reviews per year, by selecting Core Plus or Premier Plus options. These are a great option for first time contractors

Check Pricing to see what is included in each service package. This is a fuller explanation of what we mean by each element.

Full service guarantees
If you are dissatisfied at any time we will refund your fee. No quibbles.
Salary and dividend calculations every time you raise an invoice
Our bespoke web portal system calculates payslips, dividend vouchers and messages EVERY time you raise an invoice. No one else offers this.
Payslips and administration of directors payroll
We calculate payroll figures every month you are working and publish the amounts on your personal portal, based on your required salary level. Payslips are there in PDF and HTML formats. We then file the HMRC returns online every month without you having to get involved.
Dividend certificates for all shareholders
We calculate dividends available to you every month you are working and publish the amounts on your personal portal, based on distributable profits. Dividend vouchers are there in PDF and HTML formats for all shareholders. Dividend amounts available to draw are notified to you in the Messages section of your portal Home page.
Online VAT completed
The portal system calculates VAT automatically if you are in the flat rate scheme. We run a manual check before filing online every month and publishing the calculation on your portal. If you are on the standard VAT scheme we run the VAT calculation in the first week of the month after the VAT quarter. Payments can be set up with HMRC on direct debit so you don't need to lose sleep over VAT.
Secure web enabled portal for data and messages
Our portal is custom made for your needs. It is not a re-sold bookkeeping system. It is there to remind you of deadlines and liabilities; advise you of drawings available and to hold the data in one place that you can access securely 24/7. It even provides all the figures to go on your self-assessment tax return.
Preparation and submission of annual accounts
You take it for granted that accountants do accounts and file them with the authorities. We look to complete and issue accounts within 4 months of your year end so that we can maintain a focus on the future, not the past.
Preparation and submission of annual corporation tax (CT600)
We calculate the company's corporation tax liability when we do the year end accounts. They go together and tax is payable 9 months after the year end. We ensure you have a reserve for this left in the company at all times, so no tax bill is ever a surprise.
Email support
Our Support Team is available 5 days a week, sometimes even at weekends. You will always be answered same day if your email is received by 4pm, otherwise first thing next day. Where necessary, more complicated queries will be escalated to a qualified accountant and you will be kept in the loop at all times.
Tax advice including IR35
We are expert in IR35. Sad, but true. We can advise on the IR35 impact of your situation at any time and will undertake verbal IR35 reviews FREE. If you require written IR35 reviews for indemnity or peace of mind there is an additional fee.
Registered office service
We can offer our office address as the company's registered business address. This means we will usually get the post from HMRC and Companies House and save you the time in dealing with it. It also gives a more professional impression at times.
Access to exclusive contractor financial services
We have associations with experts in the world of contracting, whether insurances, pensions advice, IR35 value added services or mortgages. You can benefit from our discount arrangements.
No tie-in to Orange & Gold
We have always aimed to work in partnership with our clients for as long as we can add value. If the time comes when you no longer require our services you are free to leave without notice or penalty. We will support you with your move on.
Companies House annual return and fee
Every company has to make a submission online at Companies House every year, confirming details such as directors, shareholders, share capital, etc. We will do this for you and pay the £14 filing fee, all as part of our service.
Preparation and submission of basic Directors ITR (SA100)
We will complete and file a basic directors' self-assessment return where your company income is your sole income source. If there is more to report on the return we will quote for the additional work.
Preparation and submission of basic spouse ITR (SA100)
We will complete and file a basic spouse's self-assessment return where your company income is his/her sole income source. If there is more to report on the return we will quote for the additional work.
Named account manager support
All clients are allocated a named account manager to act as their prime contact point. This makes relationship building easy, but our Contact Logging system and prompts means that anyone in the team can pick up your issue in their absence for holiday or illness.
Multiple employees/subcontractors payroll
We can cope for more complex business arrangements or growing businesses and support multiple workers in your company. We can offer a wealth of experience in this area too.
Personal tax planning through the year
We run a detailed tax planning review in the autumn each year to ensure our all clients are well advised regarding their risk to higher rates of income tax. We will always look at one-off tax planning issues as they arise too.
HMRC correspondence handled
Our policy is whenever you receive a notification or letter from HMRC send it to us to deal with. Simple as that - we will handle it.
Online PAYE completed
We file monthly real-time salary figures with HMRC for all clients. You don't have to do anything.
Online P35/P11d filing
End of year P35 and P11d reporting is fiddly. We run the figures and publish them for all clients. For all clients we will do the online filing too.
References supplied
Mortgage or letting references are commonplace. Occasionally we have more complex reference requests such as for working visas that require more time and effort.
SMS alerts
We send SMS text alerts for time critical or important matters. We don't deluge clients with alarming messages, just need-to-know stuff.
Overseas transactions enabled
Some clients conduct business in foreign countries and this creates additional complexity, eg currency management and VAT. We can cater for this added complexity, and provide the extra specialist support required and keep you updated at all stages. If there are areas with which we are unfamiliar, we have associates who are expert in those areas.
Fee protection insurance
Premier clients have fee protection insurance worth £75,000 included in their subscription. This gives them reassurance that if they are picked up for random HMRC enquiry then all costs of response and defence are covered by their fee protection policy, including IR35 investigations. Premiums can be purchased for any client too.
Complete bookkeeping service from receipts, bank and email
If life really is too short to bother with this detail, or it is something you just never get round to, we can do everything from raising sales invoices to chasing for payment to reconciling the company bank account and more. Every client is different and we are able to flex to suit your particular needs over time.
Debt chasing at agencies
Sometimes money doesn't come in as quickly as you would like. We will make sure you are paid promptly and correctly and chase around until its sorted. There's no point working if you don't get paid.

For details of which of these features is included in each service, please see the Pricing page