Online Portal

Communication is key

Our online portal is very easy to use and means you can always see how much is available for you to take as expenses or dividends and how much tax you owe, 24/7. You can use the system to raise invoices based on time and expenses entered and it will then provide a whole host of useful information and documentation, ready whenever you need it. It's updated every time you raise an invoice and it means we can see your account and spot when some tax-planning is needed or a deadline is approaching. No paperwork, no re-keying, no waiting for your accountant to perform calculations and provide information... and it's secure

Some key features of our online portal are

  • Specifically developed for contractors and freelancers and to make their lives easier
  • No set up, no installation
  • Comprehensive introductory call
  • Enter time and expenses as and when convenient for you
  • Raise customer invoices easily, based on time and expenses entered
  • Salary, dividend, expenses, tax and VAT position calculated every time an invoice is raised
  • Real-time visibility of your financial position accessible 24/7 – drawings available, tax due
  • Automated deadline reminder / messaging service – only for what’s really important
  • Payslips and dividend vouchers produced and available in PDF or HTML format
  • VAT calculations and online submission (we check these manually too)
  • Pro-active tax planning – system alerts to tell us if you are approaching a tax threshold where some planning may be required to ensure your tax liability is minimised
  • All information stored in one secure, back-up location that you can access 24/7
  • All HMRC and Companies House compliance information calculated and electronically filed
  • Custom made for contractors – not a resold business bookkeeping system

Online accounting: a point of view…

Some contractor accountants appear to believe that using an online system is something to be wary of, or is simply there to make life easy for us. This is a view they are perfectly entitled to but it really does nothing to advance the levels of functionality and service available to contractors and makes them somewhat out of date, in our opinion.

Some of the benefits are described below

Secure: Our portal provides a secure, comprehensive and seamless place to capture all of the information you need to remain compliant with HMRC, including payslips, dividends and VAT.

Simple: It is intuitive, tailored to contractors and easy to use.

Added value: It helps you run your business by allowing you to keep track of time and expenses, raise customer invoices quickly and track whether they’ve been paid or not.

Time-saving: Once you’ve entered your time and expenses and used this data to raise an invoice, there’s nothing else to do. No re-keying information into spreadsheets and sending them to your accountant.

Proactive: All the information is captured as part of your normal business processes and your accountant can see what’s going on at all times – for example, we have an in-built mechanism that tells us when your income is approaching a tax threshold, so we have time to do something about it.

Communication: The use of the portal, combined with our messaging and contact system means you (and we) always know when your deadlines are – there’s no room for human error. This leaves you free to relax and focus on your customers or other passions… and leaves us free to ensure we know what’s going on with your account and how we can help.

Visibility and control: Furthermore, you’re able to see your financial position whenever you want – for example dividends available and taxes due – how can it be better to only have access to this information a few times a year when your accountant has gotten around to processing your spreadsheets and invoices and when you’ve booked an appointment to speak to them?

Accessible: Why have to call your accountant or trek to the office to meet them, when a simple piece of modern technology can calculate and let you know what you need to know whenever you want?

Alternative: The system is designed so that inputting your data will take less time than using a spreadsheet or standard bookkeeping and invoicing package to run your business. However, if you want us to input your data into the system, we will – just select our Premier package.