Benefits for Contractors


  • You will be paid every Friday, funds in your account, without fail, (as long as we have been paid)
  • You will receive an SMS message to confirm this
  • You’ll always speak to a friendly, UK-based account manager
  • We guarantee to answer all queries within 4 working hours and answer all phone calls within 3 rings
  • We’ll set you up and have you ready to go the same day that you first contact us
  • You can very quickly and simply see a breakdown of your pay on our portal – we will take care of everything else
  • We’ve been advising contractors since 1994 and all our staff have been working with contractors for at least 5 years


Our standard gross fee is £25 per week, regardless of your earnings. You simply won’t find a cheaper price from a leading provider, for the level of service we offer.

There are absolutely no other charges - whatsoever - and no commitment to stay with us.

Clarity, Risk and Compliance

Every umbrella company says they are compliant with the HMRC. The fact is, HMRC simply do not approve any company as being compliant. However, we guarantee that our approach, policies and processes will mean that you will NEVER have any issues in relation to non-compliance or underpaid tax and national insurance. Our services are our own, they are run by us and we do not use any form of tax avoidance or offshore scheme. All payments are made under PAYE arrangements.

Umbrella v Limited

We also provide Limited Company contractor solutions, so our advice about which type of contractor vehicle to use is totally unbiased. We won’t try to convince you to use umbrella or limited company – we’ll tell you the facts though.

Take Home Pay

We also won’t try and calculate your take home pay online, since no company can tell you what your take home pay will be, without knowing the detail of your expenses. Furthermore, your take home pay is a set by how much you earn, the expenses you genuinely incur and UK tax law – no umbrella company can offer a lower take home pay than another, if it operating compliantly under PAYE. If you contact us, we’ll discuss your situation with you and tell you how much you can really expect to take home, instead of providing an artificially high figure, followed by disappointment later on.