Why us

Why Us?

This is why we believe we are the best umbrella company you could choose:

  • If you don’t like our service you can switch free of charge and if you do this within the first month, we’ll refund all your fees paid in that period
  • You will be paid every Friday, funds in your account, without fail, (as long as we have been paid)
  • You will receive an SMS message to confirm this
  • We charge £25 per week, regardless of how much you earn – this is lower than our reputable competitors
  • We offer a totally compliant solution and we’ll tell you the truth about what you can expect to take home – there’s no risk of future tax liabilities that some contractors have been hit with after using less transparent services
  • You’ll always speak to a UK-based account manager
  • We guarantee to answer all queries within 4 working hours and answer the phone within 3 rings
  • We’ll set you up and have you ready to go the same day that you first contact us
  • You can very quickly and simply see a breakdown of your pay on our portal – we will take care of everything else
  • We’ve been advising contractors since 1994 and all our staff have been working with contractors for at least 5 years
  • We offer contractors umbrella and limited company solutions, meaning you can be sure we will provide you with the solution that genuinely suits your circumstances and preferences

We don’t believe you’ll find another company that can offer all of the above, for only £25 per week.

Other Stuff

And here is a list of other features of our service that many other companies also list as benefits but frankly, either make no difference to you, or are simply things that every umbrella company has to do:

  • We include the provision of professional indemnity, public and employer’s liability insurance cover to our clients – we do but every employer has to do this by law, so all umbrella companies should do
  • No paperwork – wow! In this day and age if someone offers you a paper-based umbrella solution, it’s probably time to run for the hills. We do have a very easy to use online portal to submit timesheets and expenses. If you prefer to email us information, that’s fine too.
  • No fees to join or leave – no reputable umbrella company charges these sort of fees
  • No commitment – no reputable umbrella company asks for a commitment
  • Quick/same day sign up – yes, we do this. But assuming you can provide the relevant information, this is a very simple process, which every reputable company can manage
  • We process your timesheets the same day – we do, because everyone should do. But why do you care? You get paid on Friday regardless
  • We invoice your agency the same day you submit your timesheet – we do, because it’s the right thing to do. But then again, why do you care? You get paid on Friday regardless
  • We pay you as soon as your agency pays you – why do you care? You can’t be paid more quickly than once a week. Our guarantee is simple – you get paid every Friday and you know this.
  • We use the FasterPayment system to ensure your funds clear your account the same day – this is the system now used by all the major UK banks. So everyone uses this, not only certain umbrella companies. And it’s free… so no wonder people say they don’t charge for it
  • We deduct our fee from your gross pay, before calculating tax and national insurance deductions, not from your net pay (meaning you get a tax deduction on our fees) – everyone does this, anything else would be frankly stupid
  • Our contracts our proper employment contracts, compliant with all employment law and we provide all statutory benefits (such and holiday and sick pay) – again, we’d be breaking the law if we didn’t!